A mother of boys

A mother of boys | Gillian Foley PhotographyA mother of boys

I am a mother of boys. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll have seen them growing up before your eyes – “virtually”. =D Take a look here, here and here for some sample posts over the years :)

A pic of Jase came up on my Facebook feed this week. He was about 3 at the time and was irritable when I called him to look up so I could take a photo (“No I don’t love you take photo, MOMMY!”) lol! And then there was another, taken in 2007 (Jase was about 5 months old; Matt about 2 years). Jase was just starting to crawl and Matthew was just discovering that his brother (the BABAY) was something he could play WITH! That cheeky look on Matt’s face was because just a few seconds before, he’d annoyed Jason by squishing him so Jase couldn’t move (LOL!) and Jase was squeaking “Mamamamamama” so I’d save him. What did I do? Grab my camera for a pic first >.> Anyway, I digress…here they are now:

Mother of boys | Gillian Foley Photography

Now 8 and 10 years old and full of beans! As parents we have this extraordinary role in life to raise these little humans as well as we can and hopefully into kind, loving, considerate people. What a task. And how many of us wonder time and time again if we’re failing? It really is the best of times and the most challenging of times some days. I’m profoundly amazed at the little men my boys are turning into. So inquisitive, intelligent and insightful. Beautiful hearts and so real, it astounds me. When they’re being themselves, with no inhibitions and the honest thoughts coming out of their mouths are so caring and loving naturally, I can rest assured that so far, Simon and I are doing pretty okay on the parenting front.

I read this in an article a few months ago and I thought, “that’s it! That’s what I love about being a mother to boys!” Simply this:

“There is nothing in the world that compares to being the mom of a boy. You get to see all the sensitivity and vulnerability before they become ‘men’. And you get the opportunity to teach them that it’s okay to be vulnerable and sensitive even when they grow up.”

Okay. Next post I’ll try not to be as deep! ~ Gill

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