Some quick ones of my boys

Because I’m still working through my last sessions and haven’t finished them up for viewing yet LOL It’s been a while, so my humblest apologies! Enjoy! *mwah*IMG_6041web

IMG_6038webMatthew was a willing model…hehehe

Jason on the other hand….. IMG_6061web

And then he cracked it…LOL “No more, Mummy…!” Ahem. Shoot over.IMG_6062web

10 Replies to “Some quick ones of my boys”

  1. Schona Kessler

    love the 2 middle photos. What fun boys. And love their hair! About time you updated. lol

  2. gillianf

    @Schona, I know!! That’s the last time I wait for edits from a session!
    Thanks you guys…they’re pretty gorgeous (but then I’m biased!)

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