Matthew’s art and some pics of Jase

Matthew loves drawing and writing. Not having spent much time ‘drawing’ with him per se, I was surprised when he did this bit of art at about 2 years of age (it’s a face):
Matt's drawing

Last week, he drew one of his favourite characters…hehehe (Do you recognise this character?):

Anyhoo, so that he’s not left out, here are some pics of Jason, taken a few months ago (when it was MUCH hotter!) He was having water play with his boats and water toys and a few moments later, I found him IN the bucket. That kid loves water! LOL




Thanks for looking! *mwah*

14 Replies to “Matthew’s art and some pics of Jase”

  1. Alexa

    It’s Spongebob! :) The picture of him in the bucket is absolutely adorable!!!

  2. Tyjuana Hill-Smith

    I see an artist in the making! I’m impressed with the face at 2 years old. Love the last picture of Jason!

  3. evie

    Ahhh, SpongeBob! I never get tired of that character and what a great rendering of him!!! He’s popular at our house, too.

  4. Schona Kessler

    Yep I could see it was spongebobo a mile away. Awesome! Funny about him getting in the bucket…I can totally see my kids doing the same.

  5. Shannon

    He is such a cutie! You have your hands full with him….loving the bucket!

  6. Mary

    What a cutie! Love that smile – and love the artwork. He’s a natural, for sure!!

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