Two handsome little guys….

And no, I’m not talking about mine! Little Baby J and Master B were totally gorgeous and fun to photograph! Mum and Dad were just as much fun and there was much laughter during the time I spent with them. Guys, hope you like your sneak peek. Enjoy and chat to you soon! ~G


Gorgeous Baby J

And his gorgeous brother

Cuddles from big brother ?

Master B in his element

Li'l Handsome!
Cutie pie!

Some more of Baby J
LOVE the effect in this one!
How fun is this couple???!!

Thanks again, guys. Chat to you soon!

20 Replies to “Two handsome little guys….”

  1. The Farris family

    Thanks again Gill. Who knew we could look so good!? We love the photos, you’ve done an awesome job. We are so glad we have captured these treasured memories forever. You have such an artistic talent.
    Thanks again from the Farris family

  2. Jill

    Love them! My favorites are the older boy jumping on the trampoline – he looks so joyful. Also the baby sucking his thumb, gotta love that!

  3. Carri Mullins

    What a beautiful family. Those boys are so cute. I love thumb suckers, and the jumping pic is so fun. The vintage shot is awesome. Nice job.

  4. Schona Kessler Photography

    Wow Gillian! You Rocked this session! #7 and #9 are my faves!

  5. Laura Leslie

    Gorgeous! Love the jumping shot and..uhhh…the eyes in the second one….fabulous!!!

  6. Evie Curley

    Love, love, love the sunglasses shot and the thumbsucking shot! How cute are those boys?!

  7. Amber

    You’re right they are handsome…and the couple looks like a ton of fun!!! They will be tickled to death with these images!!!

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