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The R Family – A Sneak Peek

I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely family this week at one of our local playgrounds/parks. I think all the adults had a moment where we thought we’d lost the children to the massive, rolling lawns and playgrounds! =P Actually, we did lose them to the massive climbing web, but made the most of it by sneaking in more shots of them playing and climbing. Bribery. Works. LOL =D Lots of fun and lots of laughs – just the way we like it. S, K, J and B, hope you guys enjoy the sneak peek. The gallery will up in a few days! =D

~ Gill

Without further ado, a few shots from the shoot:

How handsome is this little guy???
The R Family |Brisbane Family Photographer

 Gorgeous Miss J.The R Family |Brisbane Family Photographer

Yep. I admit it. I did “awwww” a few times during this shoot!The R Family |Brisbane Family Photographer

The Familia <3The R Family | Brisbane Family Photographer


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  1. Carri Mullins

    what a beautiful family. You captured them so well, and I "Awwwed" a few times too. These photos are beautiful. Great job!

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