Meet Aedin

Aedin’s Sneak Peek

You would have seen my last “on location” post. It really was a great location. Well worth (what felt like) ages of dirt road driving in Purga, Ipswich. The light was amazing…just perfect at that time of day. And as the sun set, cool tones set in and we kept shooting. Driving out as the light settled around us was a bit freaky LOL Dirt roads and night time are *not* a great combination for me!

But I digress…I’ve known Aedin and his family for a number of years, so it was lovely to be able to photograph him as a young man, having known him since he was a little boy. He is sooo fabulously quirky with a great sense of humour – such a great smile (when I could get him to show his teeth!) and just an all round great kid.

We joked about dabbing (he *hates* this) and spoke about well-known YouTubers (who I find hilarious, but he finds cringeworthy LOL) and about the new Pokémon update. In between, I managed to get some great shots of this cool kid. I loved how he went from handsome geekiness to smouldering blue steel. It just shows how versatile he can be. Take a look:

Meet Aedin | Gillian Foley Photography

I just love this last one! It may be an “outtake” (really???!), but I love it!

Ally and Aedin, I hope you like! The gallery should be up soon!

~ Gill xoxo

2 Replies to “Meet Aedin”

  1. Ally

    Oh my goodness. You have done a brilliant job. And Aedin is just gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Thank you Gill xx

  2. gillianf

    He is indeed! <3 I'm thrilled you love the sneak peeks! The gallery should be up soon. xoxo

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