I’ve been really busy…!

And not with the photography business. I’ve been working on a few websites, which has been keeping me really busy and also training up as a combat instructor o.O It’s been hard work, but the end is in sight. I will be assessed on Saturday, so until then it’s practice, practice, practice until I get it 110%! Here are some pics of me, taken during our latest release launch in November last year. And yes, those are Muay Thai fight shorts LOL

17 Replies to “I’ve been really busy…!”

  1. Leia

    Love it!! That is so awesome that your training up as a combat instructor!! Go girl!~

  2. Sharon Miller

    I wouldn’t want to meet up with you in a dark alley…unless you were there to defend me. :)
    Very cool!

  3. Tyjuana Hill-Smith

    Well I should say you’ve been busy. Combat training is no joke…so they tell me (I definitely wouldn’t know)!

  4. Manuella Pararas-Hulbert

    You are so cute in your little boxer shorts!! You go girl, do it for the lazy ones like me,lol. You make me almost want to get up and start working out, noticed I said almost,lol.

  5. Petra

    CHECK YOU OUT GIRL! phwit phew….congrats and can’t wait to see the sites!
    You look wicked babe…good on ya!

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