It’s been five years

It’s been five years since I’ve updated the portraits in my hallway! :O I’m like the shoemaker with kids who have no shoes *sigh* I *do* take pics of them all the time (when they let me) but it’s been so long since I’ve updated our family shots. I got them out for an impromptu shoot last weekend – not ideal, but I did manage a few decent shots of my bubbies! Oh my word…I can’t believe how much changes in just a year. Not even! I can see how much they’ve changed since JUST January this year when I did their back to school pics >.<

My boys:

It's been five years

It's been five years
My smiley boy! <3
It's been five years
My non-smiley-bluesteel boy <3

When you search for my older-OLD posts, you’ll see I was posting their pics, ALL THE TIME! Bad mummy! Of course, life just gets busy, they grow up, I take on heaps of projects…it just gets pretty full on. Perhaps I’ll get to finishing their scrapbooking albums *eventually* >.> 

It’s been five years since I’ve updated their photos. How long has it been in your household?

Gill xo


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