Conversations with a 3-year old

I’m really glad that I keep track of these moments I have with the boys. I’d hate to forget their innocence and candor. I find Matthew really insightful sometimes and his logic faultless, as only a 3 year old’s can be.

Yesterday, our morning conversation went something like this:

Matt: Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a doctor.
Me: Really? You’re sure? Not a rocket scientist?
Matt: No Mommy. A doctor. And I’m going to have animals. Lots of animals.
Me: Really?
Matt: Mommy, I like helping people and I love animals…
Lately, he’s been fascinated by the concept of families having one last name. He’s already told us that he’s glad to be part of the Foley family :lol: Today, we chatted a bit about his friend’s having different family names and (because E and B are my boys’ closest friends) he said that he’d like to be part of the Foley-Wrucks family o.O  When I asked why, he answered that he’d love to have E and B as his and Jason’s brothers and would love to have A and I as his mommies and S and S as his daddies :D
So on that note, I’m posting some photos of the boys I shot for Father’s Day (held the first week in September here in Australia) and framed for his desk.
On an aside, I registered a new domain for my photography and will hopefully get that up soon (ok, soon-ish :roll: ) Snap and Scrap is also running smoothly since it went down last week (thanks, James!). Now I just need to catch up on some ads and designs and we’ll be good to go :D
Right. Enough blathering. See ya on the flipside ;)
xx G

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