It doesn’t have to be complicated

Giving client gifts – it doesn’t have to be complicated! When I first started out, I was totally intimidated by what other photographers put together for client gifts. I don’t think I *did* client gifts for the first little while. Later on I discovered gorgeous 3×3″ mini albums that became my go-to gift for clients. I always felt like the gift had to be photography related. Like it had to be a print product from their session (which is not to say this is a bad thing!). When I rebranded back in 2015, I decided to rethink my process of client gifts too. 

I just LOVE the natural look. Kraft boxes and folders for images, Kraft brown paper for wrapping and covering, raffia and twine. I found shredded brown paper at a thrift store, to pad boxes and little hemp drawstring bags too. The last client gift I put together, I thought about making it more of a self-care package. A while ago, I bought a “Thank You” stamp to use on brown Kraft tags (not shown here). I just love the stamped look too! I also ordered some custom lollipops to add to some client gifts. Take a look:


client gifts

I thought the see-through baggies worked better in this instance, so you could see the little gifts inside. I thought Ferro Roche chocolates, special teabags a gorgeous little candle (don’t you love the glass bowl it comes in??) would be perfect. I added a business magnet to the box too. Well, needless to say, the client loved her thank you gift! She let me in on a little secret – she LOVES candles, tea and chocolate! 

client gifts

So it really doesn’t have to be complicated. Think about your packaging, think about handmade gifts. Other options are homemade honey pots with dipper sticks (this is SO on my list for the next gift!) Have fun with it. I certainly enjoy putting client gift packages! If you have a budget for it, you might consider some of these ideas from SLR Lounge

Gill xo 

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