I love when they come back…!

Love seeing how the children have grown!! I shot little Miss A in January last year, the family in December last year and have just done another shoot this weekend. Miss A and Master E were tooooooo cute!! These are just a few from today :)

23 Replies to “I love when they come back…!”

  1. Schona Kessler

    Woo hooo! Love repeat clients. Means they surely love you too! Congrats

  2. Sharon Miller

    Repeat clients are smart because people really get the best out of a photographer when they develop a relationship with one and return. Congrats to them for finding you. Cute shots!

  3. Summer

    I love watching them grow too! That’s one of my favorite things about photography! Cute shots!

  4. Amber

    Such nice photos…you can see why they have chosen to be repeat clients. You have really showcased their family wonderfully!!!

  5. Katie

    Yay! And really kind of repeat repeat clients because you shot her sister’s wedding last year! They must know a fantastic photographer when they see one…. xx

  6. Amber Debyah

    Repeat clients are the best ever!! Love how you captured the true meaning of “family” here! :)

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