Family Photography fun at Wivenhoe Dam

It’s been a while – my bad. This weekend we took a drive to Wivenhoe Dam, armed with ‘The Equipment’ for some family shooting (of cameras). Matthew has upgraded from the Kodak to the 350D and played around taken pics of Mum with the Tamrom 200mm lens. He’s too funny….he ends up saying the same things I do when I’m trying to get the perfect pose LOL I practiced getting some lensflare (see below) and the usual shots of the kids. Enjoy!

Still playing with lensflare




The view from the lookout

Taken from the other side of the dam

Shots by Matt


*eek* Moi in action (courtesy of Simon)





Hope y’all enjoyed that :) BBS!! *mwah*

5 Replies to “Family Photography fun at Wivenhoe Dam”

  1. Becky

    These are great! I also have so few photos of myself because I am always with the camera!! I love that your men captured you with your camera. ;)

  2. Alexa

    I love the pictures of matthew using the camera! He’s adorable! The pictures of him shooting you are great too!

  3. SHanB

    you make me miss my camera, I think its time to get back into photography again.

  4. Julie Clegg

    So cool that you have images of Matthew shooting, they are great. It will be so fun to have those when he’s older. Great shots!

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