Easter Freebie Paper Pack


Remember the Easter Frame Freebie I offered as a gift earlier this year? Well, the Easter Freebie Paper Pack is now available as a free download here too. =D Six 12×12″ 300dpi papers for personal use.

Gillian Foley - Easter Freebie Paper Pack Preview

If you’re wondering where the Frame Freebie downloads have disappeared to, you can find them under “Freebies” in the navigation bar. If you’re also still wondering how to use the .png frame and how to work with layers, check out the tutorial I put together for that purpose. Perhaps you’ve downloaded the frame and even with the tutorial, you’re finding it a bit tricky to use. Well then, consider printing the frame onto cardstock of a similar colour, then cutting the frame to size with a craft knife. and fold. Paste the photo onto the inside of the frame and either seal it, or leave it open (like a card) so a message could be added inside. Not sure what I mean? See the image below:

Gillian Foley - Easter Frame Print option

So as an example, you’d:

  • position the frame portrait/landscape orientation (depending on which one you’d like to print) when selecting the print preview option
  • place coloured cardstock (cut 12×12″ cardstock down to A4 size so it fits the printer) into the printer (and as an aside, check that your printer can print onto cardstock – my new airprinter doesn’t :/ )
  • once the frame is printed, you’ll need to trim it down to size. The grey borders show where you’d want to trim the cardstock. Fold the cardstock where the frame ends and use that as a guide
  • using a craft knife, carefully cut the inside of the frame taking care around the edges of the eggs and tag, so you’ll end up with the frame opening where you’d slot your photo :)

I created the papers almost secondary to the frame, as I was really wanting to create something my Facebook and website friends/followers could use that was (hopefully!) pretty and useful, and wasn’t too difficult to use if one weren’t a particularly “crafty” person. I was looking for pretty patterns for the Easter egg embellishments I used on the frame and just couldn’t find the right ones. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, so I ended up making the papers you see here.

Please leave a comment below if you’re going to download the pack and a link to your layouts/work is always appreciated too! Happy crafting! ~ Gill

Easter Freebie Paper Pack download

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