A fun wedding

Some shots of the wedding Simon and I did at the end of January. This was our first wedding and we had heaps of fun! Next time though, note to self – keep water bottle on hand in summer heat! It was hot, humid with a storm that threatened all day, but thankfully held. The bride and groom (and family!) were great fun to shoot. The groomsmen and their cousins were a hoot. Thanks you guys, it was great fun. Certainly a ‘relaxed’ first wedding shoot, which is what we all need!

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Thanks again guys! Hope you enjoy the pics! xx G

8 Replies to “A fun wedding”

  1. Schona Kessler Photography

    Hey These look Great! I haven’t been to your site before….but love it! Are you on network blogs on facebook yet?

  2. Admin

    Hey hun :) Thanks LOL I’m not, not even sure how to sign up?? Did add myself to your feed though :)

  3. Anne

    these are so worth the wait! they are fabulous…you caught the whole feel of best friends enjoying special day, in the most relax manner…marvelous!

  4. sharon dale

    Wow Gill, these shots are all stunning but the one of the cake is my fave! Looks like a beautiful spot for a wedding too and love the bride and groom’s outfits :)

  5. Bonnie

    Hi Gill. I love your pics! The groom has stunning hands!!! oh my word…he could be a hand model! ha ha. Love the pic of his hands and the one of the guys jumping-such a fabulous photo!

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