“You Were My Favourite Hello and My Hardest Goodbye”

I know things have been super quiet round here in “blogland” for a while now. Life feels like it’s been a whirlwind since I started contractor work at AECOM with Simon. It’s been wonderful, challenging and frustrating at times, but that’s a whole other story. 

This one, this post is about a great loss. My great loss. I got the saddest news while I was in South Africa visiting family. My beloved Fudge was very very sick. The vet advised not waiting until I was back in 3 days, saying he was in too much pain. My poor boy. There are not enough words to describe the sadness at losing him. I couldn’t be with him, but I got to say goodbye. 

I remember rushing out the door to catch the plane and saying, I never said goodbye to the cats! And thinking that they’d be here when I got back. :( I wish above everything that I had one last chance to rub my face in his fluffy belly, the way I used to just before he let me know he’d had enough. Or smell his fur, rub his fluffy tail, or feel his warm body next to me in the mornings when he snuck onto my bed. There are not enough words. 

He was special – so special to me. And typing this post is so hard. He brought me so much joy. All the tears I would cry into his soft fur. The cuteness factor. The floof factor. He had such a personality and he will be so so very missed.

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