Yaaaaaaa-bloody-hoooooooooo! Finally!

Managed to configure my weblog to work with Live Writer. Gee, all the palaver. Oh well, it’s there and working thank goodness! :D And seeing that I got it to work, I thought I might as well do a post LOL Tomorrow is Ekka Day here in Brisbane and we are having a breakfast picnic at Mt Cootha. Looking forward to it. I hope the boys are well enough to enjoy it because they’ve been a bit snuffly and coughing. Poor things :(

So I have NOTHING done for Jason’s birthday yet 8O I’m starting to stress just a bit LOL I have bought the party bags and a little fluffy, glittery halo for each little girl, but nothing else. I’m sure it’ll all go well – I mean, it’s just a birthday party, right?! :roll:

And in honour of my littlest man turning one, here is my latest layout, done for a sketch challenge on Snap and Scrap and also for MariK’s Cool Breeze product spotlight this Monday.

Credits here

Yesterday, my snapfish book arrived – Matthew’s first year. I’d completed it before Jason was born and just tweaked a few pages. It has come out beautifully! I will have to take pics to post.

Alrighty…off to start supper :D

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