Wildlife Warrior

How awesome has this project been? A website project for a Wildlife Warrior – Phil Breslin. The schedule was tight, but we made it work. It was a really interesting project to be working on. We had some tricky bits of code to accommodate client requirements, but we got there in the end! :)

Educator and presenter, film producer and a whole heap more, Phil’s videos are incredibly interesting to watch (some new ones are on the way too). Born in North Queensland, Australia. A third-generation educator, Phil is an enthusiastic presenter both on and off the screen.  He is the creator and host of ABC ME’s Built to Survive television series (2022). Phil has hosted NITV’s The Lost Diamonds (2020) and featured in National Geographic’s international series Wild Survivor(2015)    

Phillip’s childhood and teenage years were spent roaming Cairns’ beaches and hinterland with his five brothers. Phil’s love for outdoor adventure, and boundless passion for the natural world inspired his studies in wildlife science and education.              

Phil now produces visual adventures to ignite the childlike fascination all humans have for the natural world. You can find more info on his website.


A few screen caps:



Wildlife Warrior Phil Breslin


Wildlife Warrior Phil Breslin


It was a really fun project to be working on! More questions? Feel free to reach out :)

Until next time…

Gill xo

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