I took photos at Eleanor’s second birthday and it’s taken a week and plenty of late nights/early mornings getting them processed! I think I took around 300 photos (not much in the general scheme of things) but it was a mission getting them all processed. I’m in the process of burning them to dvd for her now. I have another friend who would like me to photograph her son’s christening in 2 weeks. Boy oh boy. Hope I don’t disappoint! Here are some pics taken at Eleanor’s birthday last week:

The birthday girl

The birthday cake

Funky shoes (couldn’t resist :lol: )

Daddy protecting the boys from the popping balloons :D

Having fun on the jumping castle (it was in the dining room due to rain)

First time on a trike and already being taught how to wheelie :roll:

And one of my bootiful big boy :D

*Actions on photos by Tash Whiteley @ DSSA*

I’ll be back :D