Wedding spammage!

I’m sorry, but NOT sorry haha for the wedding spammage :) There were too many favourite images from this ceremony for just one post. Julia and Justin were SO cool to work with. Hilarious, down to earth and ready to try anything. This is it, I promise! No more wedding spammage from this session! lol 

This kiss! I think it says it all <3

Wedding Spammage!
More laughter!


Wedding Spammage!
These girls were soooo sassy!!


Wedding Spammage!
Gorgeous bride


The guys didn’t quite know what to do LOL! Justin was complaining about his sore back and threatened to drop Julia! Much hilarity ensued.


Disaster averted…

Like I said, it’s always hard to pick just one or two favourites from any session. This one was no exception. I hope you all enjoyed my sneak peeks! 

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Gill xo

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