Underdaks and other impolite chatter…

Sometimes I wonder if Matthew ever listens to a word I say and other times, when he says things I think “Did he get that from me?” A few days ago, I found Matthew in the room, throwing Jason’s boardshorts around and I asked “What’s that?” and he goes “Jason’s underdaks, Mum” :lol: I guess he does pay attention after all :roll: After his bath last night, he let the water out and said “We shouldn’t waste water” and I agreed and asked why and he answered “Because of the drought” 8O I guess I’ve said so many times to him, it had to stick in his head… LOL

Now that he’s getting more into toilet training, it’s getting quite interesting. Really. We’re finding all sorts of places to “make a wee-wee” :roll: Yesterday it was in the garden :oops: And then he got distracted with finding a flower for me :roll: After the umpteenth time, I called out “are you done yet?” and he hollers “Come look at my wee-wee Mummy!” 8O The joys…. :lol:

I’ve had heaps of photographs to proof and I’ve also been doing some photography tutorials. I’m still waiting for the day I’ll take a card of photographs and have almost no need for post processing. Aaah, one can dream :D Here are some pics of the boys, fooling around:

Jason being cheeky – he’d stolen Matt’s dummy and knew Matt would be coming after him for it, little bugger :lol:

The two of them, chasing each other around the house LOL

Jase cracking it big time when Matthew tries to give him cuddles LOL


My little punk rocker :lol: As you can tell, he takes after his mother and doesn’t stop talking, even when the camera’s on him :roll:

***** All photograph actions by Tash of DSSA *****

I’ll be back – time for my combat class. *mwah*




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