Ugh…spammers – the bane of my existence! And some photies…

My gmail account was compromised :roll:

Huge apologies to anybody who received a crappy spam email about electronics or something to that effect :( People who have nothing better to do than force others to read their crappy product spam are the scourge of the earth! *spew* *splutter* I have no words……! If I *wanted* crappy electronic equipment, I’ll darn well google for it!!

Anyhoo, I digress…. :roll:

We had a good weekend – Saturday, Simon and I had to vacate the property for an open house again and we’re hoping we have the next few weeks off. It really does mess with our weekend, having to rush through the house, making sure everything is presentable, then getting the boys ready, packing bags and then figuring out where to go for 45 minutes! Saturday, when we got back we put the boys down for a nap, put up the umbrella outside our room (we’ve made a little parents’ retreat there with plants, water features, chairs and a little table :D ) and had our lunch outdoors, each with a book to read. Aaaah…it was bliss :D

Sunday we were off for an early lunch at Alex and Scott’s and an impromptu shoot with little baby April, who is 6 months old. I got some throws from Alex and a great basket for baby shots, so we had to play around a bit. Then as a bonus, Alex and Scott’s friends popped around with their 3 month old baby Chelsea (who is TINY!) and I got some shots of her too! It’s too hard NOT to photograph all these beautiful children!

I have been working hard getting things ready for the “Big shoot” coming up and hopefully I’ll have a successful shoot. So much to do, so little time! I have some shots of my boys that I want to share. Oh and one or two of Alex’s and Louisa’s brood :D


These were taken at playgroup 2 weeks ago. Jason was trying (very unsuccessfully :lol: ) to walk on these tubs, without falling off. He enjoyed laughing at himself though…hehe :D

Ella had better luck :)

IMG_5275_web IMG_5277_web IMG_5287_web

And some closeups – I was playing with the DOF here, wanted the narrowest I could get with the prime lens to see what I’d come up with. Maybe could do with a smaller aperture? Hmmm will play around some more….

Some of Byronie…..did a retro action on this one…


It’s like the sun comes out when he smiles…!


So I reckon I’ve made up for my lack of posting…! :lol: These should tide me over for a while yet, eh? :p

I’m off to bed. *mwah*

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