Two year olds are too clever for their own good

Matthew was annoying Jason earlier this evening and I told him I would be calling Santa to tell him about Matt’s bad behaviour. Well, bugger me if he didn’t whip open his flip-up cell phone and ‘call’ Santa himself! 8O

Matt: “Hello, Santa?” (listens for a few minutes) “You still coming on Christmas Day?” (listens again) “What you say? You are??? Ok see you then, Santa” :lol:

I know I’m late in posting this, but we did our first spotlight on a collaborative kit on Monday. “Lean on Me” is the August Snap and Scrap free kit. Here is the layout I did to showcase the kit:

(Sketch by Tash of DSSA)

We finally got pics of the Landie. Just loving this beast at the moment! Simon is so excited about working on it and we’re talking about the trips we’ll take in it, the modifications we’ll do to it….aaaaah Exciting stuff :D Here is the new addition to the Foley household:


I am totally bushed this evening. I spent the day sorting, cleaning, repacking cupboards, sewing curtains and hanging new ones in Matt’s room. Dearie me, I think it’s time to turn in for the night :D


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