‘Twas the night before Mother’s Day…

when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse….

Yep, once again, I’m sitting at this danged-nabbit machine, churning out layouts, rubbing sleepy eyes and reading my forums like the forum freak I am :lol: We attended a great birthday party today. Matthew’s little friend, Ruby turned 3 and we all met up at the Jindalee boat ramp to celebrate. I took heaps of photos (still processing them) and frustrated myself with Matthew who wouldn’t play around the nice bits of scenery for me.

I’ve been working on a few mother’s day layouts for the grannies and I’m still busy on Simon’s mum’s one. It’s so difficult cos I hardly have any photos of her with Matthew (never mind Jason) and no recent ones. I’m so excited because I found a pic that just *might* work and I have the poifect quote to go with it. I hope she likes it!

Matthew’s room is finally taking shape. I got him a canopy for his bed and I hung a few pics on the wall. We’ve been dying to put his birth sampler up (done by his gran) and another gift from his Aunty Lisa (a framed pic of his name). I’ve also got some cartoon animal pics that I’m going to paint onto canvas for him (when I find time!) that’ll make his room look awesome. Poor little Jasey will have to wait until we’re in our own place before we can spiff up his room because the sofa bed’s in there at the moment, with his cot and compactum, so not much room to move at the moment!

He has been such a little angel this week, I can hardly believe he’s the same child I was ready to send to bed with no dinner just the other week 8O He has been packing his toys away at night and before he comes into the lounge in the mornings. He has been helping Jason and chastising him when he tries to pull something over. It is so cute to watch! They are also playing together a lot more now and nicely too! 8O Will wonders never cease??! Matthew’s favourite game is to get Jason to walk to him – maybe I should say TRY to walk to him LOL I’ve also enlisted Matt’s help in getting Jase over his “Daddy obsession” and say Mama. Jason just giggles and says “Dadda” and Matthew goes “No, don’t say Dadda, say MAMA!” Heeeheeeeee! Funny boys I have! :lol:

Here are the mother’s day layouts:

Credits: MariK’s Sunflowerfields papers, MariK’s bookshop notepaper, Garden of Eden tag, Sara Ellis’ Torn strip template, Katie Pertiet frames, Miss Mint’s stamps & braces, AxleF stitching, Mom’s typewriter & feltpen fonts

Credits: Template by Fryske (reworked), Papers, fasteners, corners & journalling paper from MariK’s Bookshop Kit, Natasha Whitely’s Soft focus action, Garden of Eden tag, flowers & buttons, A yummy apology and signboard fonts

I don’t believe I shared the montage I did for my sister’s birthday with you. I just love this photo of Jo and I.


Credits: MariK’s Antique rose kit, Miss Mint, Chopin Script font

And finally, a photo to end off my post. A pic of my friend’s daughter, Amelia (and yes I have permission!), taken at the birthday party today. Isn’t she divine?

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