Turn my back for a second…

and this is what I find 8O

So 9 ½ months and he’s already rideon-toy-surfing???! :lol:

Tomorrow is Matthew’s second day at family daycare and he’s so looking forward to it! Last week he grabbed me in a bearhug when he saw me. I don’t really have any plans tomorrow – a shame, really. I should be taking advantage of having just one child…hehe

We have a long weekend coming up. It’s the Queen’s birthday on Monday. Our weekend is pretty booked at the moment. Matthew has swimming on Saturday morning, we have some friends coming over for an Enjo demo on Sunday and a get together at Louisa’s on Monday.

Oh, not sure if I mentioned this before, but Matthew’s swimming teacher is so happy with his progress that she feels he is ready to move to the more advanced class. Only thing is the school’s policy is that this children in this group are to be at least 2 ½ years and since he’s not, they’ll keep him back until then. Still, it’s good to know that he’s doing well. Simon says that he’s been swimming to him under water and diving off the wall, through a hoop 8O I think I need to sit in on one of his classes to videotape.

Both my boys are so special! I’m so proud of them. Jase is just picking up little things so quickly! This evening, he gave Simon a thumbs up 8O (well his version of one anyway LOL) He’s too cute!

The boys had a playdate at Louisa’s on Monday. I had a luncheon in Loganholme with Meleita, my sales leader. It was good to have a break and the boys enjoyed their time with Amelia and Eleanor. Matthew came home, wearing one of Amelia’s pink tshirts LOL and face paint everywhere. He informed me that he was a tiger, but not a scary one! :D


I have been working on a debut kit for Snap and Scrap and finished the papers off yesterday. I sent Mari the preview and she likes it! Now to finish off the elements…hehehe Totally kewl! :D

Oh nearly forgot – I managed to paper scrap this last weekend. I completed a RAK for Louisa’s girls, with the template I’d made at a stamp party. Schneaky thing that I am, I got these AWESOME photos of the girls when I babysat them last week LOL Anyhoo, she was really chuffed with her first paper RAK. Here it is:

Then I finally finished off Matt’s 2nd birthday layout (told you I was revisiting the journalling. I did an envelope to hold all the tags) and then got to do a layout of Jason. Finally. Everybody’s always on at me for only scrapping Matthew (bad mum that I am :oops: ) So here is my latest of Jasey-boy :D

The photograph just totally sums Jason up completely. This is how he is. Always happy, always laughing. I’m always getting comments about how happy he is and just one look in his direction and he’s grinning or chortling away. I hope that never changes :D

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