Time for an update

I wish I could be more organised. I feel like this month is getting away from me and I still have heaps of things on my to-do list! I have been busy, busy, busy working on some kits for the Snap and Scrap site and we’ve just released the August freebie kit, called “Lean on me”. Take a look:

So this is my third contribution and I just love the synergy the design team has! These ladies RAWK! I have so many ideas in my head (and on my sketchpad) but I’m struggling to find TIME to do everything :roll: Aaaaah well, I’ll just trying to fit everything in. More hours in the day would be nice :D

I got some great pics of the boys at playgroup today. Jase is actively involved now and just LOVES being in the midst of things. Take a look:

And one of Matt and his friend Ethan:

And another of Jase and his other ‘mum’, Amelia :lol:

So my latest news is that I’ve been asked at gym to consider training as a combat instructor 8O I must say I was quite taken aback, but then I LOVE combat and they know that! :lol: Simon said I’m not allowed to bring work home :roll: :lol:

I’m so excited because we’re going to Bribey Island on Sunday for a picnic. We’re leaving at sparrow’s fart, I’ve been told :roll: (so no late night for me on Saturday) and meeting some friends, going 4×4’ing on the beach. It will be fantastic to get out and breathe the sea air again. You can be sure we’ll be taking LOADS of photographs! :lol:

Before I go, two last pics of Master J – totally BUSTED! :lol:


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