Three years ago yesterday

Simon and I were found guilty and sentenced to a lifetime of LURVE with no option of parole. Cheesy, eh? :oops: :lol: Funny how a few years ago I couldn’t see myself married with children and now I can’t imagine my life without my 3 boys :D We were watching our wedding video a few nights ago and those vows we made then, hold true as much as ever, even more so in fact.

Our anniversary started off at 1am with a sick little teddy bear who’d woken with a high fever. We kept checking on him and later the day, he broke out in a rash. I rushed off to the doctors, worried that it might be meningitis (it isn’t thank goodness) and then had to contend with Matthew ripping the doctor’s office to pieces (didn’t realise how exciting a spinal column model would be to a 2 year old :lol: ) It was exhausting, but I kept thinking how I would laugh about his antics in the years to come. I’m already laughing…

So it’s a viral infection that Jase has and he’s had a low-grade fever since, although it’s abated today. I decided that in spite of all this, I would cook a romantic dinner and get the boys ready for bed earlier than usual, so Simon and I could just have some time together. By the time he got home, the boys were bathed and about to eat their supper. Both had fevers, so they were doped up and put to bed. Then the romantic music was put on, the candles were lit and wine poured. We shared a wonderful dinner, laughing at our day and the boys’ antics, groaning together at the difficult day we’d both had. Aaaah, not the *fairytale* anniversary you read about, but so real, you know? This is what it’s about. And if this is it, then I say BRING IT ON!

*** Ok I’m back with pics to celebrate! I just love looking at these. They bring back wonderful memories of the best day of my life…

Here Daddy-pooh is giving me away. Never before have I seen a man LAUGH at the prospect! :lol:


This is me making my vow to Simon. We had written our own lines and would you believe, I started blubbering halfway through mine??! :oops:



The kiss.


Aaaah. What a wonderful day that was!

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