The prodigal blogger returns….with some pics

Yes, I’ve been slack…too much to do, too little time in the day :roll: Hopefully, when I have things up and running smoothly, I can relax a bit and not stress so much about things :D

I have a huge backlog of photographs that I’m trying to proof. I finally finished a batch taken mid-August, when Matt and I went on a Kinder farm visit. Jason got to be babysat (there was no way I could having him going feral on me and still have ‘quality’ time with Matt!). We had a great day with minimal bad behaviour on Matt’s part :lol: And I even managed to get a few shots of him :D

It was good to be spending time with my little man, having fun and talking about ‘important’ things in life, like "why the piggies have to eat yucky food" and why the bull they rode didn’t have any horns :roll: On our way home, his teacher asked him what he enjoyed about the day. His answer? "Being with my mommy" :cry: Isn’t that the sweetest?!


Glen Trevena Farm (well part of it anyway :D)


The ‘look’ Matt has when he’s showing off LOL


Feeding the lambs


And the calves…


Milking the cow (and boy do they have mad cow faces…! )


Yeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (There’s that look again LOL)


And finally, some shots I managed as we were about to board the bus, with Mr Man playing silly buggers and rolling around on the grass :roll:




Stay tuned…I’ll be posting more in the next few days :D

xx G

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