The non-blogging blogger writes again….

Last Thursday, Jason and I got to spend the day with Matthew at kindergarten (part of parent’s roster) and I was looking forward to it, even though I knew Jase was going to be a busy little boy and probably into everything.

We started with outdoor play – the garden at kinder is just beautiful and so well-stocked of equipment, pergola with steps, so the children can sit out there whilst an adult reads to them and a beautiful landscaped garden. It was a beautiful day and just the kind of day you’d want to spend outside, running around with the children…hehehe I felt a bit like I was on holiday – there wasn’t anything needing my attention, no dishes to wash and beds to make…here I could just spend time with all the children and observe Matthew. We made paperbag kites, with tails and the children ran down the hillock with the kites streaming out behind them. Matthew was almost coy with my being there, as if he couldn’t quite believe that Jason and I had stayed behind. He was content to play on his own and also interact with the other children, but I’d catch him every now and then checking to see if I were still around. All in all a good day and one I wouldn’t mind repeating again!


I’ve been working on our May collaboration kit – again, it’s going to be a stunner. Here is my contribution:


I’ve also been processing some photos, taken nearly 3 weeks ago (yep, it’s been hectic) and I found this gem of Jason.

He is such a happy boy and totally uninhibited. I think he’s a bit of an exhibitionist and loves acting up for the camera. You should see him prancing around in my shoes or Simon’s big work boots. He really has a lovely personality. A real ray of sunshine – always beaming!

On the home front, I have been gardening like there’s no tomorrow. My friends keep telling me I’m spending far too much time on somebody else’s garden, but I find it therapeutic and I really enjoy sitting out in the back and appreciating the changes I’ve wrought. Me and gardening. Who knew?

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