The Gunnadoo Farm Project

I took the day off work as ‘Mum’ and had Simon cover my shift because the dreaded lurgy had me feeling rather poorly. I took the opportunity to process the photographs from the Gunnadoo Farm visit at Easter, whilst in bed with a mug of Med Lemon. Here are just a few of those photos.

The view from the top of the driveway (which is about 2km’s long!)


The creek at the bottom of the farm. The kids had a ball playing in the water.


And some pics around the farm :D






The family Galah – have no idea what his name is.



Margie had kept all the boys’ old toys. These I found on a ledge near the water tank.



And on our way home, we stopped by Maroon Dam.



So there. Now for the next batch to start a-processing :D *mwah*

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