The Barbeler Family

I met the Barbeler family for a photoshoot *just* before we went into lockdown in March. Funnily enough, I knew Jing through mutual friends on Social Media (without really knowing her LOL). Still, she looked so familiar, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her at one of the gyms I work at!

Jing, Chad and two gorgeous little men, Flynn and Reece make up this family. During our emails to each other beforehand, Jing’s big issue was not being able to get decent photos of the boys because they always pulled funny faces, or posed weirdly and she really wanted ONE nice family shot. Gosh, I hear you, sister! This is the cry of most mums out there, eh?? LOL

I love the shots we took. There were several where the boys *did* pull silly faces, but we worked with it! Here’s a peek of what we got:

Some of my favourites of the boys with their parents <3

The Barbeler Family


If you’re looking to update your family photos, like the Barbeler Family, feel free to contact me or visit my Facebook page! I’d be happy to chat through options :)

Gill xo

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