Talk about being busy…!

I have officially welcomed my friend, Maz aboard my Creative Team. I haven’t actively done a call yet, mainly because I’d like a few more goodies ready for the shoppe before I do…! How exciting! Things are coming together at Snap and Scrap. We have a few more ppl on board our CT as well as some more designers joining the team. Lots of great synergy among the team members, so that’s fantastic! Of course, I’ve been so busy churning out stuff for my shoppe as well as for the site, that I haven’t really scrapped as much as I’d like – nor have I been able to participate in the challenges, which is a bummer. Well as soon as I have my routine worked out, I’ll be up and running! :D

I have some pics I took of Jason earlier today that I need to process and upload. Just wait until you see them! LOL He is getting so cute! I’m still amazed when he figures something out. I keep thinking he’s a few months old and then I realise he’s over a year already! 8O

This evening, whilst cooking supper, I heard Matthew say “My eyes are burning!” :roll: This is how he and his father banter, every time said father has to change a pooey nappy. The one goes “my eyes are burning”, to which the other replies “No, MY eyes are burning” – you get the picture. Well I looked over and there was Master M, complete with wet wipes, changing Pooh Bear’s (pardon the pun :lol: ) “pooey” nappy! He can be such a little ‘Mommy’ sometimes! :lol:

One day, he and Jase were playing and he said “No, Jase. Say pardon me” I asked what Jason had done, to which Matthew replied “He burped. IN. MY. NOSE.” :lol:

Roight! Time for some more scrap chat. I’m working on a kit called Eleanor’s Boots and won’t give too many secrets away, just yet. The inspiration came from Eleanor’s boots (you guessed it). She was wearing the most darling pair the other day and I just had to do a kit with those colours. Here’s the colour swatch:

I did a layout for the Monday product showcase on Snap and Scrap, using our September kit, All Aboard, which is available this month for free on the blog, as a daily download.


That’s it for now. Hopefully, I’ll be back with them processed photos later :D

PS I’m not sure why, but my blog is not displaying properly in some browsers. I used Firefox and it works fine for me. Let me know if there are any issues in IE and other browers.

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