Still alive…..

LOL A lot has been happening, so I’ve been pretty bad at keeping my blog up to date :oops: Anyway, the inlaws arrived last week and the boys are besotted with them (as they are with the boys) :D We’ve been busy sightseeing and so on and hopefully after the Xmas rush, things will quiet down a bit. I still have HEAPS of pressies to get done, but it’s been really hard working around the boys. *sigh* Hopefully will get there :D Anyhoo, without further ado, here are some of my latest pics:

Eleanor – taken at the forum meet on 2nd December :D


Amelia’s funky boots :D


Cute Footies *awwwwwwwwwwwww*


Another cute footie :D


Kisses for Mum


My attempt at an ‘artsy’ shot of a little lady at the forum meet :oops:


Flowers for mum :D


Smelling the flowers


This evening, as I was tucking Matt into bed, I gave him cuddles and said my usual “Love you lots like jellytots” :roll: and he says “Love you, Mum”. So I gave him an extra squish and said “Awwww, you’re my big boy” and he responds with “You’re my mummy girl” :lol: I can totally forgive him for being such a brat today! :lol:



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