Sophie’s Formal

Sophie’s formal was on a Friday evening a few weeks ago. I’d made arrangements to meet the family at Queen’s Park in Ipswich and find a suitable spot for shooting. It’s such a great spot really and so many awesome possibilities for great shots, it’s no surprise there were heaps of other kids, all having their formal photos taken there too! The guys were very dashing and of course, the young ladies looked spectacular in their gorgeous dresses. I thought of my matric ball (wayyyy back when :P ) and how everybody came to the house to help me get ready, help with my makeup (no professional makeup for me!) and dress and then a few photos in the lounge :D It was not an affair such as this! I love looking at my photos though (unprofessional as they were) and thinking about how wonderful that night was. I was thrilled with the shots I got of Sophie and her friends and thrilled that they loved their gallery! Take a look:


Sophie's Formal

Sophie's Formal

I’m glad I got to photograph Sophie’s formal. It was lovely mingling with everybody, making the guys (cool dudes) cringe at my ‘mum-gamer’ jokes LOL As the afternoon turned into evening, my footsies started getting quite frozen in the evening dewy grass. Are UGG boots okay to wear to photoshoots, do you think? :P

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~ Gill xo

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