Sometimes it’s hard to find

Sometimes it’s hard to find, but you can find it, if you look. It’s not always in the stupendous and epic, but in the little things in life. Joy.

Sometimes it's hard to find

I’ve been a bit introspective today. It’s been a big few weeks and I have a few more to get through before I can put my feet up and relax and I’m looking forward to it! In my teeny morose state today, I thought about why I was feeling down and what I could do to feel better. I’d just taught a massive combat class and yet the endorphins weren’t enough to perk me up??! How can this be?! I started to think about all the things I’m so grateful for – my health, my family, my beautiful boys who bring me some much happiness even when they’re annoying and fighting LOL The work that I have, the opportunities that I have to be flexible with my work, the mini-sessions I had scheduled…oh my…the list is endless!

I found this image from in between mini sessions the other week and I thought about how I just LOVE the light coming in from the left. You can see a bit of lens flare in the first third of the image. How the words pop. The greens and orangey hues. THIS IMAGE brings me joy. Now. If I can find joy in something as basic and simple as a photo…well, you can see where I’m going with this. Life is always up and down and we can expect the downs to dishearten us. Let’s not stay there though. Choose your joy. :)

Take care. My next post will be less…profound. I assure you! ~ Gill xo 

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