Some photos from the boys’ Xmas party

I used my external flash, but I found that with some of the shots, the flash never fired, grrrrrrrrrr Oh well, I *did* manage a few reasonable ones :D I also got to photograph Sam Melvin’s newest little man, Nicholas and his older brother, Anthony and got some really special shots of the two boys together *AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW* I won’t post those here, as I don’t have Sam’s permission, but I will post some tootsie shots (you know I love those! :D


Some fooling around by Jason LOL


The boys getting their gifts from Santy Clees :D Jason was so keen, once he figured that Santa was handing presents out to the children. He refused to move from in front of Santa and tried to intercept each gift as each child’s name was called :oops:


The boys both got dinosaur headgear for dress-ups from Santa. Take a look:

The set comes with mask and cap that fastens with velcro. You can’t tell from the pic, but there’s a spiky spine that goes all the way from the top of the cap, down to just past their shoulders :lol:


Jason loved his too, except he wouldn’t wear his mask (preferred to chew on it :roll: )


I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve already 8O We have some early morning shopping to do, to get fresh veggies for Christmas lunch and then a party in the afternoon (expect more photos :D ) Of course, I would like to springclean some more before I lie around like a sloth for the rest of the holiday, but might have to squeeze that in, in between the photo processing and partying :roll: *sigh* It’s a tough life, eh? :lol:


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