Some cheery Xmas photies…

Yes, we finally put the decorations up (a week ago, yes I know it’s taken this long to process them :oops: ) Here they are:

Another ‘artsy’ attempt :roll: :lol:

Grampa Clause looks on while the Foley rugrats wreak havoc :roll:

Setting up the tree (it ended up on the entertainment unit)


Jason was too young last year to appreciate this doggie that sings “Silver Bells”. He absolutely adores him though, as does Matthew, so there are huge fights when this dog is brought out 8O

Still haven’t figured out the night-time photography thing. This was taken at the Carols by Candlelight (or rather glowsticks :lol: ) at a sports field nearby.


Nothing much to report except to send a shout out to Mom and Dad for their 38th Wedding Anniversary yesterday! Wooohoooo! Many, many more!! *mwah*

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