So the important news that I’ve been ‘mum’ about

Is that since yesterday, I am officially co-owner of Snap and Scrap 8O I know, I know!! Who’d have thunk it? Mari and I have been ‘konkeling’ behind the scenes, trying to work out what needed doing and after all the documents were signed, we could make an official announcement. I’m obviously THRILLED to be involved and we’re both really positive that things will take off for the site even more so now :D


Now I know everybody was wondering about my involvement with the DSD-Pro consultant program and so here it is. DSD-Pro is Digital Scrapbook Designers Professional and is geared towards business owners of online scrapbooking companies, although not limited to just those. They have tons of resources available (with more to come) to assist owners and designers with their online businesses. I have started my mentorship course and I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the guys on the team. Already there is such synergy amongst us! For further info, take a look here.


Last Saturday, Matthew was invited to a birthday party, which was at a really great café called Breathing Space Café. We had a good time, I made new friends of all the mothers and I took photos (as if I wouldn’t! :roll: ) Here are some of them:

Suddenly shy ~ my little pirate :D

A flower for Mummy :D

I thought these chandeliers were really lovely, so I had to take a photo of them. I would love to share with you some more pictures, but I haven’t asked permission from the parents. Anyhoo, hopefully I’ll be back to update the blog in a little while LOL Things have been a tad hectic around here :lol:



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