It’s been a busy week and I got quite a bit done too, despite a slow start on Monday…hehehe Do you ever have that feeling that you’re so busy, but have nothing to show for it? I guess that’s the life of a stay-at-home mum, eh? Always cleaning, always washing, etc. I never realised once I’d had children, my laundry basket would be permanently full! LOL

This week, I’ve been doing some household and Fifth Avenue admin, making some calls and trying to get our car insurance sorted. We were given a telephonic quote and I’d emailed to say we were happy with the quote and could we get a breakdown of monthly payments? A few days later, I got emailed a pdf with a loan agreement that we were to complete (?) and the amount is now almost $200 more…!?! I’m so annoyed and I will be calling them to advise that we’re actually going with another insurance company who are far cheaper!

Moving on…

My photography is irritating me LOL I’m not taking the photos I’d like to take – although sometimes they’re ok, on the whole I’m still not happy with the quality (am I ever? :lol: ) I end up taking a whole card of photos, only to find I’m happy with one or two of them :/ I got this cheeky pic of Jase yesterday evening:

A few days ago, a bunch of us met for lunch at a friend’s and I got a few photos of the kids. I particularly like this one I got of my friend, Louisa and her little girl, Eleanor. What a cutie!

I used Tash’s soft action on this one.

Having applied to be on Weeds and Wildflowers’ creative team, it turns out that they received over 100 applications LOL and are choosing 15. The rest of the applicants will be guest CT members on their team. How kewl is that? They are making their CT member announcement on Sunday.

Speaking of CTs, MariK has asked that I join her personal CT team as well! I’m so thrilled and honoured that she’s asked me! She has the most awesome designs and I’ve already downloaded 2 of her kits this morning to do some layouts! LOL

I’m also so excited to be doing the “Member Spotlight” post on the Snap & Scrap blog on Mondays, so check it out. We are providing download links to the collaborative “Garden of Eden” kit on the blog. The kit is another stunning one. Take a look:

Isn’t it awesome?


Right I’m back with a layout. I got sidetracked with all the challenges I’ve been wanting to do and really wanted to finish this layout for the S&S April Quote challenge:

Credits: MariK’s bookshop kit, Heather Benson’s template, AxleF staples, Socially awkward, Ben’s Hand & Market fonts