She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Yes, yes, I’ve been a bad blogger :oops: Let’s not dwell on that, I have heaps to share, so BRACE YERSELF SHAYLA!

Firstly, I would like to share pics from the christening:

** All photo actions by Tash Whiteley of DSSA **

Then, some pics of our camping trip last week. It was glorious being on ‘holiday’, waking with the birds chirping, just before dawn. There was no way the boys could sleep any later (all three of them!) once the birds were awake. It took the first night before the little guys settled into the whole ‘camping’ thing. That first morning was hilarious. We’d had an atrocious night because Jase (AKA BatBOY) would only sleep upside down, across us with his head hanging off the mattress. 8O We woke with him across our legs, wrapped in Simon’s sleeping bag and Simon…well, he had the Thomas the Tank Engine sleeping bag tucked under his chin, with his feet sticking out the bottom :lol:


Kookaburra in a tree – noisy buggers!

Lorikeets checking me out

Simon cooking breakfast :D

 Master M in his element :roll:

 A pelican swimming nearby the boys in Noosa

A kookaburra fight. We were less than a metre from them, taking photos.



** All photo actions by Tash Whiteley of DSSA **

I’ll be back with more pics in a bit :D


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