She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Finally back online after a nightmare two days without broadband *EEEEK* Just shows how much one gets to rely on these things, eh? I was utterly lost – could not find a phone number, could not ftp any files up to the server, no emails, NADA. Finally managed to sort out the issue with the provider, after half an hour on the phone…! 8O Aaah well, just goes to show that I should have a backup plan – like maybe dial-up for these instances :D

So I got my Xmas pressie early – a hot pink Dell Inspiron 1720 and I LOIK it a lot! Very happy with the new toy and I’ve spent most of the weekend transferring data and getting my workspace set up.

I have two new photos I’d like to share. I finally got the ‘candid’ teddy bear shot that I was looking for :lol: Here it is, compliments of the photolicious action set by Tash of DSSA:


The Snap and Scrap team did a product showcase of my Totally Vivacious Kit today. Here are some of the awesome layouts the guys came up with:

Giggle by Jen

So Sweet by Michelle

Beach by Bonnie

Confident woman by Jessie

Summer days by Jessie

Josh and Amy by Erica

This little piggy by Michelle

Aren’t they just awesome??!

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