Rossow Family Session

Amanda and I have known each other for a number of years, first as instructor/member at the gym and then as photographers when I found out that Mandy was starting her own photography business and had been following my Facebook page for a while. We’ve done shoots together and gotten together to scout out locations on numerous occasions. It’s always great to have somebody in the business you can chat through things with, ideas for shoots, etc. A few weeks ago we decided to swap family shoots so we were finally able to get family photos done. It’s hard when you’re always the one behind the lens! :)

Well! This is never as simple as you think, right? Amanda’s three girls, my two boys and our (less than thrilled) husbands made for an interesting hour shoot. We didn’t waste time with things as the kids were very quickly becoming unbearable! LOL Picture a paddock with cow pats, long (itchy) grass and an assortment of insects. We’re lucky we managed to get any shots at all the way things were going!

These are a few of my favourites from the session: 

Rossow Family Session | Sisters

Rossow Family Session
Family <3

Thanks again for the swap, Mandy! It’s always so much fun hanging out with you and the family. I think we should schedule regular family sessions!! The gallery will be up soon! :* ~ Gill

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