Piper and Paige

Piper and Paige are so cute, they deserve their own blog post! <3 We scheduled Susan and Steve’s “official” shoot and had to reschedule due to bad weather. It’s still pouring with rain and I think this is week three??? At any rate, we decided to go for broke and just go ahead with the shoot and hope for the best. Indoors and then outdoors – luckily the rain held until after I left! Check out the impromptu shoot taken at the baby shower here.

The puppies were super cute. So very different from each other. Piper is laid-back (she’s 4 years old) and happy to listen to Mummy. Paige Maree, however…! LOL She’s a bundle of energy. She’s 12 years old and man, she loves the ball, the stick, the leaf, the….WHATEVER you have in your hand lol! So very cute. I was so pleased to get shots of them separately too. And they behaved soooo well! Take a look at some of the shots:

Piper and Paige

And because Susan hardly has any pics of Paige, I did a little collage for her:

Piper and Paige

And finally, can you see how well-behaved Piper is? I love the connection in this one! <3Piper and Paige

We can’t wait for little Squirt’s arrival and I’m sure it will be well-loved by their sisters, Paige and Piper! Susan and Steve, your gallery is up! Enjoy :)

~ Gill

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