Our little family holiday

It feels like forever since we’ve been away as a family, so our little family holiday needed to happen! Just taking time off work and chilling “at home” is certainly not the same as getting out into nature and roughing it for a little while.

Roughing it

It’s been harder to do since we added Gypsy and cats (and now chickens!!) to our family! Who knew that having the animals in boarding would cost even MORE than our holiday LOL! Still, I was glad to have them in a safe place and hopefully spoilt rotten with walks (Gypsy) and treats (the cats) We were meant to REALLY be roughing it at a place (I forget what it was called – some national park) with no water, no amenities, etc. It wasn’t *really* my idea of our first holiday away together and there may have been a heated conversation or two about Simon booking this spot LOL Eventually, he confessed that he’d found another place and booked us into a camp site at Queen Mary Falls.

School holidays

He grumbled that the place would be packed as it was school holidays, that it would be awful, etc. Except. It was lovely! We’d left the Tuesday after Easter Monday and after losing our way LOL we eventually arrived. We discovered that the tent poles (one of the main ones) was broken (EEK!!) and I had thoughts that we’d be sharing the boys’ 4 man tent LOL Luckily, I’d packed in scissors, insulation tape, string…Just call me Macguyver. Actually, just call Simon Macguyver, because he fixed said pole with my supplies and we were good to go! That first evening was amazing! We wandered around, checking out the amenities, the cafe where you could buy gifts, food, bird seed, etc. and the toilets/showers, the camp kitchen (thank heavens for that!) and the scenery. There is nothing quite like sitting in front of a fire, taking in the view, not a worry on your mind <3 

Hard rock

As in – what we ended up sleeping on that first night haha Our mattress deflated during the night and we woke with sore, aching bodies after spending a night on the cold, hard ground. Later that morning, Simon decided to head 45 minutes into Warwick to find the nearest camp store and buy a new mattress. While he was gone, Jason found the leak and sealed it. YAY for my clever boy! He just ended up sleeping on that one in our tent anyway, because he said Matt was taking over their whole tent. Win-win!

We had a few lovely walks, checking out the falls (WOW!) but mostly, just chilling around the fire, reading and cleaning up the previous night’s meal. We had such a lovely time, despite Matthew grumbling about lack of internet connectivity and coverage *rolling my eyes* that I really wanted to stay a bit longer. Alas, we had to head back and pick up the animals and rescue our neighbours from their chicken-sitting duties. 

I didn’t take my camera, but snuck Simon’s camera for a few shots of the place. The birds – sooo many! And they were quite happy to eat from your hands. The kookaburra’s were cheeky though, trying to snatch food off our plates while we ate!

Take a look:

Our little family holiday | Gillian Foley Photography

Until next time! ~ Gill

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