Our Kindy Boy

Yes, folks, our Matthew has officially started pre-Prep. The first day went well – Simon and I took him in and made sure he was settled before hugs and kisses and then leaving. His reaction? "Bye Mommy, bye Daddy" and he took off running to the playgym 8O


Before we left the house



On the play-gym, goofing around :lol:


And running off to play after shouting goodbye over his shoulder LOL


So much has happened this last week (which would explain my scarce posts :roll: ) Mari and I have been working hard on getting things upgraded and sorted out on the website. I have had too many late nights LOL but at least we got the DB and shop upgraded, the blog updated and all the backups in place and Paypal integration went well with only a few hiccups. We have also put out some calls – Designers and CT applications have been coming in thick and fast and we’ve just been blown away by the talent! Here are the ads, the submissions close on 29th Feb 2008:



Ooooh forgot to mention we have our first birthday coming up and we’re having a huge celebration! We have two chats being hosted by DST on 7th March – 14h00 EST and 21h00 EST. It’s going to be awesome with loads of freebies and some very special announcements, so you don’t want to miss it! :D

Alrighty then, I’m off to do some work. See ya on the upside ;) *mwah*

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