Ok so I’m over my creative slump…

And feel like I can take on the world again LOL I’ve been working on my contribution to the collaboration kits for September on Snap and Scrap and I’m happy to say I’ve busy ftp’ing the files as I type, so *WHEW* hehehe I was working on the last element last night until midnight :roll: and of course, because my machine is SO.DARNED.SLOW. I didn’t save as often as I should have and when I needed to update something, I got a rood msg saying there wasn’t enough RAM to save…! 8O Not happy, Jan! Of course, there wasn’t enough RAM to do ANYTHING, so I had to shut down without saving. :( Oh well, that’ll teach me :roll:

So, finally finished and I’m too chuffed to keep the previews to myself :lol: I want to share, so here they are:

I’m particularly chuffed with my felt goodies and my sticker in the ‘Travel Diaries’ kit :lol: Does the land rover look familiar? :D

Ok gotta get ready for Eleanor’s birthday party. Will post pics of my spunky boys later *mwah*

xx Gill

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