Oi Vey! Finally.

Yes, yes, I know my blog is still all over the place LOL I’ve just downloaded a new theme, but I’m too darned tired to install and tweak *yawn* I’ve just finished my contribution to the Recycled Romance collaboration for Feb and although it didn’t exactly ‘flow’, I’m relatively happy with the results. I guess I’m still feeling a tad uninspired :( Anyhoo, here it is. You should be able to click on it to view it in 600×600.

I have still to download and process the pics from Matt’s birthday party, and of course, there’ll be more photos tomorrow because my boys have been booked into a Bunnings craft workshop tomorrow (part of school holiday activities) and we’re all looking forward to it. They’ll be making treasure maps (complete with coffee staining and crumpling (don’t be surprised if you see a pirate preview from me in the near future :lol: )) and also an eye patch. I don’t know who is more excited…LOL Of course, I get to browse the garden and craft sections after :lol:

Ok I’m off to bed. I’m suddenly feeling a bit sad and missing my family *sniff*

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