Oi Vey! Blink-blink-Blinkie!

Yay! I have a blinkie (finally) Not that it’s that important in the greater scheme of things LOL :roll: Anyhoo:

Ok so it’s not too flash LOL I’ll do a new one when I find more time hehe I want to share with you the sweetest thing Matt did today. This is how it normally happens, see? I have a day with him like yesterday, where he’s totally OTT and virtually unmanageable and then today, he’s a different child.

So I was mopping (YAY for Enjo products!) and he was sitting on Jason’s high chair, chatting away, telling me that he was a tiger (ROAAAAW) and he was a good tiger, see? He was a good tiger that listened to his mummy. So I said I liked good tigers, specially when they listen to their mummies. “Although”, I said, “sometimes you’re not a very good tiger and you make mummy sad” “Awww Mummy” he says “I’ll make it all better” *insert sniveling wimp of a mummy here* “Aaah, Matt” I said “Maybe I’m not such a great mummy sometimes” :cry: “NO! No! NO! You-you-you ARE a nice mummy! You’re a GOOD mummy!” 8O :cry:

Damn. Sometimes it’s the best job on earth, being a mummy. A GOOD one! ;)


xx G

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