Note to self…

Finishing a pack of pink wish TimTams is NOT a healthy way to end off the evening! :roll: Ok so restraint has never been a strong point of mine :oops: Aaah well, guess I’ll have to work it off in combat tomorrow again :lol:

I am working on a new kit and it’s going really well :D I guess it would be going even better if I had more time to finish it! LOL I need to clone myself, so I can get more done, honestly! :roll:

There have been some exciting developments on the work front this week, but I can’t reveal more than that at the moment, I’m afraid! There will be an official announcement in due course! Another interesting development is that Simon’s company have asked him to photograph some cityscapes, manipulate them into ‘pop art’ type images and print them on canvasses for the boardroom. He’s already taken some awesome shots and I have fiddled with them in the meanwhile. He liked the samples I sent him yesterday, so I think we may spend the weekend fiddling some more and presenting the company with some options in the next week or so.

My boys are amazing….hehe It has been a good week to be a mother :lol: I’ve had lots of cuddles and Simon and I took turns swapping the boys from one to the other when they were particularly unhappy one night. I just revelled in it. I mean, how much longer am I going to be cuddling them for before they’re groaning that they’re ‘too big for kisses’ ?

I have to share this photo I took. One of Matthew’s drawings (on his megasketcher, hence the photo). I probably sound like the typical proud mum (which I am!) but isn’t this an amazing drawing for a 3 year old? It’s ME by the way LOL Take a look:

I was surprised that he drew my eyes as circles with dots in them. Somehow, I expected them to be little dots. Then there’s the hair, round face and two legs LOL

Look at this one:

Now stop laughing at my title…! :oops: I date everything he and Jase do so I can add them to their memory boxes :oops: So anyway, I asked Matt what he’d drawn on the left and his response was "A crazy face" :lol: Holy cow. Where does he come up with these things??

Jase is talking so much. I think he’s talking much more than Matthew did at his age (another note to self: do another ‘words you say layout’) This morning he walked into the kitchen with his bowl (they’d had teddy cereal for breakfast) and asked for more 8O He is sooooooooooooo cute too LOL Earlier on I was typing an email and behind me, I heard clickety-clack-clickety-clack. I turned around and this little monkey was sitting on Simon’s chair, typing on his keyboard! :lol:

Oh before I go, I wanted to share these pics I took of Byron and Ethan (Alex’s boys). I had these blown up to 8×11" and framed as part of her and Scott’s Christmas present. They are gorgeous boys, aren’t they?


Catch y’all on the upside! :D *mwah*

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