My lucky day!!

The planets must have aligned just so today, because I managed to get shots of both my boys before the day ran away with us! Yep. It was my lucky day! Jason was off to a go-kart race – God love him – he was so excited! The dodgy weather in the last few months meant that every race day this year was cancelled due to the tracks being too wet. Today was THE day and I’m so pleased I managed to get shots of him in his gear (ahem…scrapbooking project added to the list!).

Gillian Foley Photography - Jason in his go-kart gear

And this before I’d even had a coffee…anybody who knows me, this is QUITE a feat!! LOL!!!

After they’d left, Matt and I took a drive to White Rock Spring Reserve (which is a few minutes away) and picked a trail to walk. We were out there for over an hour (who knew there was a 21km trail up there???!! o.O) and stuck to the easier paths. Matthew hates having photos taken these days. HATES. So in between all the great, natural shots I got of him, there were a few of this kind:

Gillian Foley Photography - Matt's had enough

I know. Hilarious eh??

I can’t remember the last time I took him out for a shoot, so I’m really happy I got these. My big boy. My Numero Uno. <3

Gillian Foley Photography - Matthew Foley at White Rock Spring MountainAll those shutter-happy parents out there with “tweens”, I’d like to offer you some encouragement. There IS hope!! It’s called bribery!!! LOL! In all seriousness, grab these moments when you can. I plan to!

Happy snapping! :) ~ Gill

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