My little clown

It’s true that you can’t remain sad for long when you have children. They truly are my joy :D Even though we’ve been feeling down about Neil, Matthew and Jason are always cheering us up with their antics. I got these pics of Jase, playing by himself in the ball pool. I wondered what he was doing, cos all I heard was a little voice, talking away to himself, squeaking. Just being totally cute. I found him rolling around in the pool. Just a note about this pool, we got it a few weeks ago (it’s a blowup thingo) and within an hour, the top ring had been punctured by Jason AKA Dracula :roll: He just BITES everything! Of course, the balls don’t stay in the pool (is that too much to ask???!) As you can see by the photos, the lounge always looks like a tornado hit it – well two tornadoes, really :lol:



I’m really enjoying Jason right now. He is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! He talks gibberish all the time and his Dadda is his favourite plaything. He shrieks when Simon walks in from work and the poor man is then assaulted by two little monsters…hehe Jase now waves bye-bye with those chubby hands of his. He plays peekaboo, putting his hands over his eyes and whenever anybody has done something worth cheering for, he’s more than ready to clap his little hands :D We got them some more wooden puzzles the other day and he has been grabbing Matt’s and trying to put the pieces in their spots 8O

Matt has been a handful, but in a terrible twos kinda way LOL He is sooooooooo busy! I fear that Jase is going to be just as busy. The ladies at kidzclub said that Jase actually falls asleep in the middle of playing. Just like that. Wham and he’s gone. He just plays and plays until he can’t anymore. Goodness me. I have my work cut out for me 8O

This morning on our way to gym, Matt and I were chatting and I asked him if he loved me. “Yes I love you, Mummy” says he. Then he adds “And Daddy and Jason” and after a few minutes he says “And Amelia” :lol:


On the scrapbooking front, I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! I’m starting to get stock together to put into the Snap and Scrap Shoppe for sale! How exciting! Only problem is, I’ve been so busy doing free kits and challenge kits, I’m struggling to find time to do proper kits for sale! LOL Well now that Mari and I are working towards this, I’ll have to manage my time a bit better. I cant’ wait! :D

Now, some layouts done for the product showcase on Monday on the S&S blog (click image for credits)


Okey dokey. I’m off to warm my freezing toes on Simon’s warm feet LOL Good night and Grease for Peace :lol:

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